Discovery Plus Subscription Cost (Save 40% on Annual Plan)

TV channels have been a part of our life for a long. They include all the entertainment programs, news, educational content, and much more. With the change in time, TV channels are also changing their way to provide better services with more features and clarity. Discovery Plus is one such platform that has gained popularity within a shorter span of time. Here in this article, we will be sharing some important details about Discovery Plus subscription cost. How can you avail it, and what are its prices? So let’s get started with it!

What is Discovery Plus?

Discovery Plus is a streaming service that was launched in the USA on 4th January 2021 and has rolled out slowly around the world. Now, this network is owned by WarnerBros Discovery, which means that you can watch all the Discovery shows that are familiar to you, as well as programming from HGTV, Food Network, and TLC.

The network offers more than 55,000 episodes across 2,500 shows, as well as exclusives from your favorite Discovery personalities, including Chip and Joanna Gaines’ Magnolia Network.

Discovery Plus Subscription Cost
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In addition, the Discovery Plus app is available on the Apple App Store and Google Play Store. You can download and watch your favorite shows wherever you are. Use it if you have an active subscription with your cable provider or pay $4.99 per month for a 14-day free trial that includes all of the channels offered by Discovery, including Animal Planet and National Geographic.

How much does Discovery Plus Cost?

The current price of Discovery Plus is $4.99/mo, and $6.99/mo for add free service, which seems to be the best value for people who want to watch their favorite TV shows and movies on a daily basis. If you want to subscribe at a discounted price, then you can avail of the offer as a Student offer or Verizon offer up to 12 months of ad-free service for free. This means you will get 12 months of Discovery Plus for Free!

Discovery+ different packages are listed below-

ProductCurrent Price
Discovery+ Monthly Subscription Ad-Supported$4.99/mo* (Simultaneous Supported 4 Devices)
Discovery+ Monthly Subscription Ad-free$6.99/mo
Discovery+ Student Discount$2.99
Verizon customers have 12 months of freeFree/yr

What does Discovery Plus include?

Discovery Plus includes all the features of Discovery, plus a selection of premium content.

whats included on discovery plus
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  • Live TV
  • Sports
  • Kids
  • Lifestyle
  • News
  • Fitness
  • Music
  • Movies
  • Food
  • Travel
  • Home

How To Subscribe To Discovery Plus

Below are the steps on how to subscribe to Discovery Plus

Step1: Visit Discovery Plus’s official website or download the app to your Smartphone, Tablet, or Smart TV.

Step2: Then click on the “Start Your Free Trial” Button.

Step3: Now you will be asked to Choose Your Plan. You will see 2 options listed below: You can pick any plan, but we suggest you try first with a $4.99 plan. If you have Promo Code: WXYZ, you can also apply. Billing begins when your seven-day free trial ends.

Step4: Create Your Account and enter your email ID and password.

Step5: Then, choose the billing option, which suits you better.

When all the process is done, It will be ready to entertain you.

Discovery Plus Subscription Offer

  • Discovery Plus Offer- Discovery Plus subscription costs $4.99/mo, and the ad-free plan costs $6.99/mo. For more information, visit the Discovery Plus website.
  • Verizon Offer- Verizon Subscribers (Unlimited plans) can get Discovery Plus for free for up to 12 months. Following the 12-month free trial, the cost will be $6.99 per month. Visit to find out more.
  • Student Offer- Students, veterans, and active military members can get 40% off Discovery Plus (Ad-lite), which costs $2.99/mo. Visit the Discovery website to learn more about discounted subscriptions.

The best part about getting a Discovery Plus subscription is that all your favorite shows will continue to be available on the app and website even after you cancel your subscription, so there is no need to worry about missing out on any episodes or seasons!

Is Free Trial Available With Discovery Plus

If you are looking for Discovery Plus free trial, then we have some good news for you? Yes, there is a 7-day free trial offer available with this service. This means that if you want to test their services before subscribing to them, then all you need to do is sign up 7-day free trial offer and pay zero.

Discovery plus free trial
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The Discovery Plus free trial offer is available only when signing up through their official website link. It will not work on any other third-party websites or apps because these sites have no access to your account details.

You can also avail of additional benefits like

  • Free 12 months of service from Verizon.
  • Student offers $2.99/mo.

Discovery Plus Supported Devices

Below are the Discovery Plus supporting devices.

  • Mobile Phone (Android / iOS)
  • Tablet (iPad and Android)
  • Apple TV
  • Android TV
  • Amazon FireTV
  • Roku
  • Mi TV
  • LG Smart TV
  • Samsung Smart TV
  • XBOX
  • Browsers (latest version of Chrome and Safari) on desktop/laptop and more.
Discovery Plus Supported Device
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You can download it from the Apple App Store or Google Play Store, Apple App Store, Amazon Fire TV App Store, and LG WebOS Store.

What can I watch on Discovery Plus?

Discover Plus features 14 networks, including Discovery, TLC, Animal Planet, Food Network, HGTV, ID, A&E, History, Lifetime, OWN, Travel, Science Network, and more.

There are many shows to choose from, including “90 Day Fiance,” “Ghost Adventures,” “Diners, Drive-ins, and Dives,” “Chopped,” “Property Brothers,” “Deadliest Catch,” and “Dirty Jobs.” You can watch current episodes on Discovery Plus on the same day they air on Discovery.

You can also watch original shows developed exclusively for Discovery Plus online. “Bobby and Giada in India,” “American Detective with Lt. Joe Kenda,” and “90 Day: The Single Life” are among the Discover Plus Originals. Some of these exclusive series is produced by Discovery’s family of networks and celebrities like Ludacris, Melissa McCarthy, and Martha Stewart.

Discovery Plus Channels is also available. Members have 24/7 access to select shows such as “House Hunters,” “Fixer Upper,” and “Chopped.”


Discovery Plus is a streaming platform that helps people to discover and explore the best of the world around them. Discovery Plus has more than 55,000 hours of content across science, natural history, technology, and lifestyle genres in many languages. Discovery Plus Subscription costs $4.99/mo, and you can also opt for Discovery plus a free trial.

Overall, Discovery Plus is becoming a streaming giant with its large variety of content. If you have any queries related to this article, please comment below.


1. How much does Discovery Plus Cost?

The Monthly cost of Discovery+ is $4.99/mo add-on pack, and the ad-free service cost is $6.99/mo.

2. Is Discovery Plus free with Amazon Prime?

The discovery+ app is now available as an Amazon Prime Video channel that includes all your favorite shows, personalities, and exclusive originals from the app.

3. Is Discovery Plus Free with Verizon Offer

If you are a Verizon customer, you can get Discovery Plus free for up to 12 months, then after, you will be charged $4.99/mo.

4. Is Discovery Plus Free With Student Plan

With the Student plan, you will get Discovery Plus at $2.99/mo if you are a student in any school or university in the USA.

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