FloSports Review: 5 things to know before you Subscribing

Are you inquisitive about streaming FloSports and want to Subscribe Then you must go Ahead.

Based on our live experience, we have provided FloSports Review. In case you are new to FloSports and wish to know everything about it, you don’t have to hit the books. My goal in this article is to provide all the information about FloSports, its plans, user experience, and why we choose FloSports over other services. So stick to this article!

FloSports Review
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FloSports Subscription Plan

Now, the puzzling thoughts going through your mind are about its subscription plans and also how to subscribe to them. Flosports offers subscription plans. Let’s look at these incredible FloSports plans:

FloSports Monthly Plan: TheFloSports Monthly Plan is for $29.99 a month, which includes a lot of games, live or on-demand events and you also get recaps, highlights of the games, events and shows, and all news. You can get it at a high quality( HD Quality).

FloSports Yearly Plan: The FloSports Yearly Plan is for $149.99 a year, which includes similar programs as in the monthly plan, but the biggest benefit and the best thing about this package are that you can save your money more than 50%. As the monthly plan is for $29.99, if we break the yearly plan, which is for $12.49 a month, compare this plan for you with a monthly plan, and you can save more money.

Flosports Premium: Don’t panic! You do not have to purchase a separate subscription for FloSports Premium monthly and yearly packages give you the right to access FloSports Premium.

Add-on: Also, it offers some add-on packages: Flo Rugby for $29.99, Flo Football for $19.99, Flo Marching for $29.99, Flo Grappling, Flo hoops, Flo hockey, and Varsity. tv for $29.99 to amaze the users.

FloSports Free trial

Now, people are curious to know about FloSports free trial.

Does FloSports offer a free trial or not? They offer a seven-day free trial but it is not normally found on the Flosports app. When you give your credit information and request a free trial, it will offer you a seven-day free trial.

You can cancel the FloSports subscription with just one click. No long procedures, no restrictions. You cancel it anytime.

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FloSports Subscription Process

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  1. Go to https://www.flosports.tv/
    • Click Join Now on the homepage of the FloSports website.
  2. Click Choose Your Sport
    • Then you will be redirected to a page that includes all the websites we offer. Select your favorite sport from over 25+ options by clicking on the name.
  3. Click Get Started.
  4. Create a login
    • You have two options for setting up your login information. Enter an email and password
    • Login with FacebookUse your Facebook account as your login information by clicking “Continue with Facebook”. In cases where your device does not support the “Login with Facebook” option, you will need to use your Facebook email address and password.
    • Enter your login information and click “Join Now”.
  5. Confirm your email address
    • Before clicking “Join Now”, please make sure your email address is spelled correctly. In the future, you will not be able to log in with the correct spelling of your email address if there is a typo. Click the Confirm Email button if the spelling is right.
  6. Choose and pay for a subscription
    • Select the subscription that best meets your needs if more than one option is offered. Some sports will only offer one subscription option. Enter your payment information after selecting a subscription. To submit your payment information and purchase your subscription, click Become Pro.
    • Click on “Payment Terms” to read our terms of service before subscribing.
  7. Start watching!
    • After logging in, you will be taken to the homepage and you will be able to watch live events, replays, and exclusive content! We hope you enjoy your subscription.

Supported Device

You can watch FloSports on Apple TV, Roku, or Fire TV with the FloSports app. Using the iOS or Android app, you can cast to your TV if you have a Chromecast, Samsung, LG, or Vizio Smart TV.

With a standard PRO subscription, you can stream on up to 12 devices simultaneously. One network connection (Wi-Fi or cellular data) may be used at a time for streaming.

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FloSports Channel List

FloSports provides live and on-demand event coverage, original content, breaking news, and more across a variety of sports, including softball, track & field/cross country, wrestling, motorsports, cheerleading, cycling, football, basketball, and baseball.

Pros and Cons of FloSports Review

This is a one-stop shop for all live sports events. There is a good chance that links to sports channels will work.Once you open the app, the Livestream automatically plays on the Homescreen.
The interface is easy to use. Navigation of the app is easy. Roku, Android, and iOS devices are supported. There are no ads.The app seems to be busy right away when you open it.
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A great sports streaming service is FloSports, which offers live events and on-demand content. Subscription plans give you access to all Flosports content, and the yearly plan saves you more money ($210) than the monthly plan.

If you join FloSports, you can stream every sport, such as FloBikes, FloFootball, FloVolleyball, FloCheer, FloSwimming, FloRacing, FloRugby, FloSwimming, FloElite, FloHockey, FloVoice, etc. Additionally, it allows you to share content on 12 devices at once in HD quality.


How many devices did FloSports support simultaneously?

12 Devices– With a standard PRO subscription, you can stream on up to 12 devices simultaneously. One network connection (Wi-Fi or cellular data) may be used at a time for streaming.

Can I change my plans or cancel anytime?

Yes, you can cancel anytime from Account Settings.
If you would like to change plans, send our Customer Support team an email at support@flosports.tv and they’ll handle that for you.

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