FuboTV Subscription Plan and Free Trial

Turn over a new leaf! If you are looking to watch games without losing any thrilling moment, Fubo TV streaming is here to serve their service to you.

Now, the one thought knocking on the doors is regarding FuboTV streaming, its subscription plan, and the free trial.

Cool as a cucumber, in this article, you’ll get a full-scale guide about FuboTV Subscription Plan and free Trial.

FuboTV Subscription
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What Is FuboTV Streaming?

FuboTV is a streaming service in America working since 2015 to provide people with a huge platform for sports streaming.

Fubo gives you access to thousands of sports networks. In the beginning, it mainly focused on football games, but as many people attached to it found it a good streaming service, Fubo polished itself, and at present, it has a broad network of channels providing streaming of almost all the games.

You can catch your fave team games, highlights, sports-related shows, and programs here on FuboTV.

FuboTV Subscription Plan:

You are on cloud nine when you look at these variable packages which Fubo TV offers to attain the requirements of the people.

There are four different packages which give you the right to stream your desired content. Its subscription plan is a little expensive for the cheapskate, but it offers a huge lineup of sports channels.

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You have to subscribe to a plan to enjoy your entire game series. Steps to Subscribe FuboTV is here.

Pro Plan:

Fubo TV pro plan subscription is for $69.99 a month, giving you 120 plus channels to stream and a Cloud DVR of 1,000 hours.

Channels: It offers ABC, Fox, CBS, Disney Channel, ESPN, the paramount network, bein sports, and NBC sports networks to stream and also other entertainment programs.

It also allows screen sharing. This package is for those who want a basic network and does not require extra special channels for streaming.

Elite Plan:

Fubo TV Elite plan subscription is $79.99 per month, giving streaming rights to 170 plus channels, News plus channels, and extra channels of Fubo. It also gives Cloud DVR for 1,000 hours and provides screen sharing of up to 10 devices at the same time at home.

Channels: It offers ABC, Bein sports, CBS network, NBC Disney Channel, ESPN, Fox, MLB, and many other networks, and you also get News plus (12 channels) and extra channels (41 channels) to stream.

Ultimate Plan:

Fubo TV Ultimate Plan is for $99.99 a month, giving you an exciting offer to watch more than 200 plus channels. In addition to this, the Ultimate package has Showtime’s subscription and gives a huge library of live and on-demand content. And also have a storage of 1,000 cloud DVRs.

Channel: It offers ABC, ACC Network, bein sports, CBS News, CBS sports network, Discovery, Disney Channel, ESPN, ESPN2, Fox channel, Fubo extra, MLB Network, NBC, and many more sports networks to watch.

Latino Plan:

Fubo TV Latino Plan is only $33 per month, gives you access to more than 40 Spanish channels, gives you a Cloud DVR of only 250 hours, and at a time, you share two screens, but this gives you a sigh of relief that if this package is good for you, then you’ll have rights to sign for 1000 Cloud DVR and for more screen sharing.

What Channel FuboTV offer in their packages?

Fubo TV does not include Turner network channels: TNT, CNN, and TBS channels. It offers you an add-on option on their package to get your special and wanted content for additional monthly pay.

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Can you cancel a Fubo TV subscription package?

Yes, you can cancel it anytime without any restrictions. You have to go to ‘My Account. In this, you have the menu. By clicking here, you’ll see the ‘Subscription and Billing’ option. In this, you have a cancellation button. Press this ‘Unsubscribe’ option to complete your cancellation.

FuboTV Free Trial:

Fubo TV free trial offers you a 7-days to enjoy free streaming of many sports networks and other entertainment programs and shows in order to satisfy your soul about whether this streaming service is right for you or not.

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What includes the Fubo TV free trial?

Provide entertainment programs, shows, and News. Fubo TV free trial includes various networks and allows you to stream 120+ channels. As a sports-focused app, you get sports networks like ESPN, ESPN2, NBC, NFL, and CBS, and many more to stream. And also gives you storage Cloud DVR and allows screen sharing.

Free trial is the best way to judge Fubo TV streaming before purchasing any plan or depositing your subscription fee (taking unnecessary risk). Other streaming services give you access to a minute number of channels, and some do not give any free trial as compare to others Fubo TV Free trial gives you everything, but it rely on what package you select.

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How to stream a Fubo TV Free trial?

First, you have to open the Fubo TV site, as you can see the option for Free Trial’ by clicking this option. You can get it but you must have to create an account, and after that, all you require is your credit or debit card. Therefore you have to choose a free trial you want to stream. And finally, you’ll enjoy a seven-day free trial. Once the free trial ends, if you don’t want to buy a subscription after the free trial, you have to cancel it, otherwise, you have to pay for it.

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If you are easy with it and wanna connect with Fubo TV, you are automatically charged for the selected plan trial. You can also take Fubo TV deals via an add-on option, but you are charged separately for the selected deal.

Fubo TV only gives the opportunity to newcomers to go for a free trial. Those who have been Fubo TV customers do not have the right to stream a free trial again.

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Is It possible to cancel a Fubo TV free trial?

Yes, you have the right to cancel the free trial if you don’t wanna stream it. For cancelation, you have to go to ‘My account. On the menu you’ll get the option of ‘Subscription and billing’ by clicking on this here. It gives you the button for ‘Cancel Subscription’, click it to cancel. Click here to get complete steps on how to cancel a FuboTV subscription.

Final Take:

Fubo TV gives you access to thousands of channels, and live streaming of on-demand content. I’m sure you’ll be easy after a free trial and able to find it best for you.

Now, after this deliberate discussion, you will be able to choose the best plan.

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