How to Avail Hotstar UK Subscription Offer

Are you tired of expensive and lengthy bills from your cable TV and looking for the best OTT services for Indian Dramas and movies at a low price? Hotstar UK is providing you with the best platform in the UK where you can watch all your favorite Indian movies, series, and show which are uninterrupted with high resolution.  In this article, I will provide you detailed information on how to avail Hotstar UK Subscription offer, how can you subscribe to Hotstar UK, and how you can stream Hotstar on two devices at a time.

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How to get Hotstar UK Subscription Offer?

Hotstar has launched two plans in the United Kingdom: Monthly and Annual.

For Monthly, there is no promo code and you need to pay £5.99. But for the annual plan, you have a discounted price at £44.99 with Promo: HOT45

What is Hotstar?

Hotstar UK Subscription Offer
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How to buy Hotstar UK Subscription Offer

It is an Indian based video streaming service owned by Novi digital that allows you to watch live sports, news and unlimited video content anywhere anytime.  

Its popularity is not only in India but due to increase in its demand; it is now available in Canada, USA and UK. UK citizens are subscribing to Hotstar at a swift pace because it is compatible and cheap.  

There are many competitors of Hotstar in the UK like, Dish TV, Amazon Fire TV, and Netflix, but Hotstar is growing day and night because it provides you with exclusive offers. Hotstar Promo HOT45 can be used to stream unlimited shows, series, and movies at a low price. Isn’t that great? Well, you can not avail of these opportunities in other TV services.

Why is Hotstar best to choose and its features

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Hotstar comes with a lot of exclusive features that make it trustworthy and exceptional as compared to other platforms. Let’s discuss some of these extraordinary features.

Hotstar is Economical

Unlike other cable TV services, you do not have to pay expensive annual bills or to pay for something you do not watch. Hotstar is relatively cheaper than other services and gives you a lot of promotions through which you can avail exclusive discounts. 

Ads-free Hotstar subscription offers UK.

Aren’t commercials annoying for all of us? Now you can get rid of those entire annoying commercial. Subscribe to Hotstar and enjoy ad-free content, whether it is a movie or a live cricket match. 

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Live sports channels with multiple languages option

Hotstar video content comes with nine different languages, and you can select any of these languages to watch your favourite shows. The available languages are Hindi, English, Tamil, Telugu, Marathi, Kannada, Bengali and Malayalam.

More than 22 live streaming channels are available on Hotstar through which you can watch Indian new, TV serials and sports. Some of the channels are MAA Gold, Star World, Star Plus, Star Sports 1 HD and Fox Live.

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The upcoming IPL 2020 will be streamed live on Hotstar IPL exclusively, and you can watch live matches, pre and post-match analysis and particular highlights after the match. Live commentary and analysis will be available in six different languages.

Compatibility and video playback option

People love to stream through their mobile phones now a day as this is within their comfort zone. Most of Hotstar subscribers are a mobile user; that’s why it is making progress by leaps and bounds.

Hotstar is compatible with almost every device present in a current era like Mobile (Android or Apple) smart TV, Laptops and tablets.

All video content on Hotstar is well optimized and play the video according to the bandwidth of your internet. It comes with a video playback option for live streaming. Now you cannot miss any unusual or critical moment during your favourite match or shows.

Smart search option with a user-friendly interface

When you search for any content according to your requirements, Hotstar tracks your history for the future and provide you similar suggestion according to your taste. It also provides you with accurate results according to your search.  

What offers are available with Hotstar UK Subscription ?

Hotstar collaborates with some other companies like Hotels and online stores and offers different offers and promotions to its valuable customers. Users can apply these Promo codes, and avail offers and save a lot of money because they worth it.

Let’s discuss how you can apply promo code before your subscription to avail exclusive discounts to save some money. Keep reading to get the benefit!

How to signup Hotstar Subscription offer UK using Promo HOT45

  • New consumers need to sign up. Go to  and click on Start subscription.
  • Enter your required information for subscription or you can directly signup through your Facebook account. 
  • Next, there will be payment details forum. Act smart here and apply promo code by clicking on “Have promo code?” before adding your payment details.
  • Choose annual package as it comes with a lot of promotion and you can save 40% on your total fee.
  • Apply Promo HOT45, and your annual price will change from £ 49.99 to £ 44.99.
  • You can enjoy unlimited video content on Hotstar for the whole year only £ 44.99.

Hotstar Subscription offer UK

£44.99 is the best-discounted price without any doubt. But wait! There is a lot more with Promo HOT45, let’s look into it.

There are two offers available with our Promo HOT45

Hotstar Subscription Offer UK # 1

By applying Promo HOT45, you will get a 10% exclusive discount, and with that, you will receive a £45 Hotel Vacation gift voucher from our Hotel Partner.

Terms and conditions for this offer:

This offer is valid on an annual subscription only. You can change your monthly subscription to an annual subscription to avail of this offer. The £45 Hotel Vacation Voucher will be available after you subscribe to Hotstar.

This promo code is applicable for a minimal time, so hurry up and subscribe to Hotstar.

Hotstar Subscription Offer UK # 2

Apply promo HOT45 and get a £45 Hotel Vacation Voucher with a £5 discount on your annual subscription. After applying the promo code, please email ( to get your Hotel Vacation Voucher. We will send it to you through email as soon as possible.

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You might be calculating the savings that you will be making through this promo. Let me tell you that this annual subscription can save you flat 40% of your total fee.

How to watch Hotstar free outside India?

Anything valuable doesn’t come free, and you have to pay something, but Hotstar provides a lot of free content to its Indian users without any registration. People in India can access this content from anywhere if they have internet.

If you are not in India then you can use a VPN (paid or free) to watch all that free content, but that’s not legal, and you cannot entertain yourself with the fear of being caught.

How to cancel Hotstar subscription offer UK?

You might have forgotten to apply the promo code before signing up but don’t worry! You can cancel your Hotstar subscription within 48 hours, and you don’t have to pay any fee for that.  Register again through a new email and avail 10% discounts with some exclusive offers. 

Below is the Step by Step process to Cancel Hotstar Subscription:

Step 1: Login and go to My Account which is located at the top-right corner.

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Step2: After clicking int My Account, you will be routed to the Next Page. Just hit on Cancel Button:

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Step#3: You will be asked to confirm the Cancellation. Just click there and you are good now. Your Hotstar account is successfully canceled.

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Note: You can still watch Hotstar till the time you paid for. So if you take Hotstar for 1 year but you canceled after a month then you will be still able to watch further 11 months because you already paid for 1 year. So why to wait. Cancel Now and renew next year with the discounted price.

Some advantages and disadvantages of Hotstar Subscription offer UK.


  1. Cheap with HD video content
  2. Multiple languages are available.
  3. Proficient servers for nonstop live streaming
  4. Everyone, the family can enjoy Hotstar.
  5.  You can watch Indian serials, live cricket, Bollywood movies and kids related content.  
  6. Hotstar provides you with 24 hours of customer support.
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  1. It is not compatible with Samsung and LG App sometimes.
  2. Come with limited features for power users.


By using Promo HOT45, you can entertain yourself with the best HD video content during these pandemic crises. All of these top-notch features are available at a low price. Grab your favourite snacks, relax on your couch and enjoy quality live streaming using Hotstar.

Hotstar subscription offer UK, without any doubt, is the best option for you if your background is from the subcontinent. If you are in the UK, then you can enjoy many free offers and deals by applying Promo HOT45.

I would recommend you to subscribe to Hotstar subscription offer UK and apply Promo HOT45 to avail exclusive offers and deals before it expires. Hurry up and choose your subscription plan to enjoy unlimited features of Hotstar.


Is my subscription is transferable?

You will need a new subscription if you are moving to any other country. The subscription is non-transferable.

Can I share my Hotstar account with my friends?

Yes, two users at a time can stream on a single subscription.

Can I watch a live match with Hindi commentary?

Yes! All live podcast comes with six different languages, and Hindi is also available in those languages.

Can I download any video from Hotstar?

You can save any of your favourite videos on Hotstar that you can watch later when you do not have any internet.  

Is there any App available for Hotstar?

Hotstar app is available on Play Store and Apple store. You can download it and sign in through your account to watch Hotstar on you Mobile and Tablets.   

Can I watch Hollywood movies on Hotstar?

There are restrictions on all the Hollywood content in the UK, but it might be possible that you can watch all your favourite Hollywood movies on Hotstar in the future.

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