Noggin free trial: $0.99 per month for the next 2 Months

If you subscribe to Noggin, you will receive an unlimited access Noggin free trial for a limited time that includes over 1,000 commercial-free episodes from popular preschool shows including Peppa Pig, PAW Patrol, and Bubble Guppies, Blue’s Clues, and many more. Additionally, you’ll have access to educational games and activities for kids ages 2 and older, as well as short-form videos developed by curriculum specialists.

Once your free trial ends, the $7.99 subscription cost will automatically be charged to your iTunes, Google Play, Amazon, or Roku account. Your credit card associated with your Noggin account will be charged if you subscribed to Noggin on When you sign in to, you will be able to view your billing information. As long as you do not cancel your subscription, it will automatically renew each month on the same day.

Please note that the free trial is only available once per account.

At any time, you can cancel your Noggin subscription. Please make sure you cancel at least 24 hours prior to the end of your free trial or current billing period to avoid automatic renewal charges through the app store where you purchased it or through the credit card you used to purchase it.

Noggin is free for 30 days, and $0.99 per month for the next two months! Use this link to sign up!

Noggin free trial
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About Noggin

Noggin is designed for children between the ages of 2 and 6+. Educational experts develop our content to meet kids wherever they are on their learning journey. With Noggin, kids can learn social and emotional skills, math, literacy, focus and problem-solving, physical development, and wellness.

Moreover, Noggin rewards children’s curiosity by answering their “big questions” like “How do astronauts get into space?” Families that invest time in Noggin will be making a crucial “down payment” toward a lifetime of learning for their children.

Steps for Noggin Free Trial Subscription?

Consumers and businesses alike benefit from free trials. The business gets to introduce its product and reel in potential subscribers by offering free trials to consumers. Get started with Noggin for free by following these steps:

  1. Click Sign up on Noggin’s official website
  2. Follow the steps below to create a FREE account.
  3. Watch your inbox for a verification email
  4. Verify your account from your email
  5. You can download the Noggin app from the iOS App Store, Google Play Store, Amazon App Store, and Roku.
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How Much Does Noggin Cost After the Trial?

Starting at $7.99 a month, the subscription includes 1,000+ ad-free preschool episodes, a library of learning videos, and 7-day customer service.

Additionally, you can take advantage of the current Noggin special offer. The first three months of Noggin are $3.99 per month after the trial ends, in addition to the 30-day free trial. Each month, you’ll get a 50% discount. For the first three months, the subscriber can save $4 per month. Only new users can take advantage of this Noggin offer.

Noggin TV Shows

As an engaging instructor, Emmanuel Carter guides kids through a series of themed lessons along with their favorite Nickelodeon preschool characters.

Noggin TV ShowsDetails
PAW PatrolAmong the pups in PAW Patrol are Chase, Skye, Rocky, Zuma, Rubble, and Marshall. They are led by a boy named Ryder. In addition to protecting Adventure Bay, the PAW Patrol teaches kids how to solve problems through teamwork.
Blaze and the Monster MachinesBlaze and the Monster Machines features Blaze, the world’s most amazing monster truck, and his driver, AJ. Preschoolers help Blaze on his adventures in Axle City, solving problems based on a STEM curriculum (science, technology, engineering, math).
Bubble GuppiesLearn and enjoy music with the Bubble Guppies! In this funny variety show, preschoolers learn science, math, and reading while exploring themes such as dinosaurs, recycling, rock ‘n roll, colors, and cowboys.
Shimmer & ShineShimmer and Shine, twin genies-in-training, grant wishes for Leah, their best friend. Wishes don’t always go as planned, leaving them with a magical mess to clean up! But by working together, they are able to fix things!
Blues Clues & You!Kids love Blue’s Clues & You! Through interactive videos, they teach literacy, math, science, and the arts. By helping Josh and Blue get ready for school, they collect the tools they need.
Team UmizoomiTeam Umizoomi comes to the rescue! Help Milli, Geo, Bot, and UmiCar solve everyday problems in Umi City. To help the team, preschoolers will have to use their “Mighty Math Powers” to recognize shapes, count, sort, measure, and pattern.
Peppa PigThe energetic Peppa Pig lives with her mummy, daddy, and brother, George. She loves to jump in mud puddles and snort loudly. Every episode includes fun, everyday activities that support kids’ social and emotional growth.
Dora the ExplorerJoin Dora, Boots, Backpack, Map, and Swiper on preschool adventures around the world and in your backyard. As they help Dora on her adventures, preschoolers can sing, dance, learn math, reading, Spanish words, and more.
Noggin KnowsAlong with their favorite Noggin characters, your child will learn about dinosaurs, Plants, space, and the ocean when they join teacher Emmanuel in the Noggin preschool classroom.
Mutt & StuffMeet Calvin and the amazing dogs of Mutt & Stuff, the coolest dog school on the planet! Kids will love watching Zippy, Grandma, and The Barks Brothers, Giggle and Wiggle perform amazing tricks, put on dance parties, and dress up in costumes. You can even play with a puppy!
Digby DragonDigby is a kind-hearted dragon in training whose thirst for adventure often gets him into strange situations. Yet Digby’s bravery and determination make him a hero and the perfect preschool companion.
BackyardigansUsing their imaginations, Uniqua, Pablo, Tyrone, Tasha, and Austin transform their backyard into a fantastical 3-D landscape, where together they embark on amazing adventures.
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We hope that this article has provided you with a good understanding of the Noggin free trial. Perhaps it’s time for you to take advantage of Noggin’s 30-day free trial.

FAQ on Noggin free trial

Does Noggin Offer a Free Trial?

Yes, Noggin offers a free 30-day trial. Your monthly subscription will cost $0.99 for the next two months after the 30 days.

How much does Noggin cost?

After a free trial, your $7.99/month subscription includes 1,000+ ad-free preschool favorites, learning videos, and new content every week, as well as seven-day customer service.
Note: your charge is $0.99 for the next 2 months if you click above mentioned link in the post and subscribe.

Is Noggin Free on Roku?

Yes. If you register for Noggin through Roku, you will receive a 7-day free trial. Your monthly fee will be $5.99 after the trial period ends. You can enjoy all the games and videos without interruption during the trial period.

Can I use Noggin on multiple devices?

You can use your subscription on multiple devices with your Noggin account.

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