Philo TV Review: Everything Included (2022)

Philo TV ranked #5 in best live streaming services 2022. Many streaming (Company) services are expensive compared to traditional cable subscriptions because they require to pay more each month. Suppose you are addicted to regular television programming. In that case, Philo offers a massive variety of quality entertainment which costs only $20 per month for its package, making it one of the cheapest on our list.

Philo is different, though- their service includes 63 live TV channels where you can watch live TV shows, movies-on-demand, or even listen to the top 40 radio stations from across the country without having any major drawbacks and high monthly fees! 

In this article, we will discuss everything that guides you about Philo TV. So Let’s! Get Started with Philo TV Review.

Does Philo TV Have Free Trial?

Philo Free Trial? Yes! Philo offers a 7-day free trial, without any limitations, which is excellent news, but not the best news we’ve heard about this (Philo) service – and there are plenty of reasons why? 

Because free trials are now so familiar with all streaming services getting and one with Philo, it feels like an old trick rather than something you’re excited to try out something new or curious to know about. 

Philo TV Review
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There might be some people who worry about cut the cord connection and swapping over to life without TVs in every room; giving them a chance at proving themselves right could make all the difference! 

Philo’s free trial could be the way to try its service. If they don’t want after trying it, they can cancel easily when the trial period ends; clever marketing gives viewers even more reason to go ahead and swap those TV boxes for internet-streaming devices instead.

Does Philo TV Include local channels?

Philo TV does not require any local or sports channels, so it is not a good choice for sports fans. Philo only carries sports when one of the channels broadcasts it – and considering how many lifestyle and entertainment channels Philo offer, even that is not as common as it could be. Sport-minded users would be better off and signing up with another streaming service.

Philo TV local channels
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Philo TV’s Some Unique features:

Philo has unique features and new services that allow you to binge-watch your favorite TV shows, and movies without waiting for them to air. Unlike most services, which only allow you to watch one episode at a time.

Philo TV features
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Philo TV Features are listed below:

DVR Service:

Philo’s DVR is a game-changer for cord-cutters. With Philo, you can add entire seasons of your favorite TV show, and movies to your library with a $25 per month plan, and you can enjoy all your saved shows up until they wish – with no expiration date in sight.

Philo realizes that many people want access to both live as well as recorded content from cable networks. But they don’t want any sort of data caps imposed on them by companies like Comcast or AT&T.

Those who are put out of this option and go for the cheaper package deal may find themselves missing critical episodes. If they don’t stay tuned with Philo, their 30 days are coming up before it’s too late!

How many devices at once:

Philo can be streamed simultaneously on up to 3 devices,, and 10 customized user profiles are allowed with its single subscription, so you can watch in your living room, office, or wherever you go!

Our subscribers can also watch content on Philo TV Everywhere apps using any of our network partners. To sign in, select Philo as your TV provider.

Is Philo A Money Saving Deal?

Yes! Philo Could be a money-saving deal for those who cut the cord and want to get a low-cost service, which is $25/month.

Philo isn’t the only live streaming service that offers cable channels for a low price. Many competing streaming services claim to provide the best selection for their users to attract, but few are as affordable as Philo. 

 Philo A Money Saving Deal
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In addition to 63, entertainment, lifestyle channels, and DVR service is the best deal for its users in a low-cost subscription. You also have on-demand access to content from these providers.

It has Some Other Improvements Since its launch, Philo has added TV Everywhere authentication, which allows users to log into apps from most networks, and it has added deep streaming integrations. 

Philo shows can now be accessed directly from Apple TV, Android TV, or Amazon Fire TV devices to their home screen directly through the app.

How To Cancel Philo TV?

Cancel Philo TV
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Do you know how easy it is for Philo users to cancel their subscriptions? Well, let me tell you. How to cancel your Philo subscription!

If you get Philo but don’t watch TV channels enough to justify the monthly payments- It is possible to cancel your Philo TV subscription, if you are subscribed through Philo’s official website, iPhone or Andriod app, Amazon Fire TV stick, Xbox, Roku, or Smart TVs. and end that pesky subscription by following these instructions: 

  1. Open The Philo Sign-in Page.
  2. Login to your account.
  3. Click “My Account.”
  4. Select which of their packages or services are subscribed.
  5. Click on the “Cancel my account” button at the bottom of the page.
  6. Then Confirm “Cancel Subscription.”
  7. And It’s Done You are Unsubscribed.

Philo TV Pros Vs. Cons


  • Low-Cost Service.
  • 63- Live TV channel Included.
  • Up to 3 devices streaming option.
  • Mobile apps are available.
  • Unlimited-to-use DVR.


  • local channels included.
  • sports channels.
  • parental controls are available.
  • Ads appear in some saved and on-demand content.

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