Sling Cricket Packages [IPL 2024 Updates]

Are you a cricket fan? If yes, then this service is definitely for you! Sling Cricket package provides unlimited access to Willow and Willow Extra. And if you miss a match, don’t worry because you can stream it later using our free catch-up TV feature!

You no longer have to pay for cable or satellite to watch your favorite matches. With Sling TV, all your favorite sports are available on one convenient Streaming Service at an affordable price. Plus, there’s nothing stopping you from canceling at any time, with no contracts or hidden fees. So what are you waiting for? Sign up today and start watching live cricket on Sling TV!

What is Sling TV?

Sling TV is an American broadcasting channel. This streaming television service was established in 2015. Sling is currently only available in the US and Puerto Rico. The Dish Network, a video-on-demand service platform, has around 3 million subscribers. Sling’s TV channel gives additional access to Willow and Willow Extra.

Sling TV offers $60 annual subscriptions to Willow HD and Willow Extra. The Sling subscription is cheaper than a Willow TV subscription. It provides features like HD streaming quality, full replay, fast-forwards, rewind, etc. Sling also has a free 7-day free trial plan. Sling is cheaper than Willow TV but sometimes bothers with its lag. You have access to watch all ICC events, IPL, and the T20 world cup live in the USA.

Sling TV is the first app-based television service that lets you stream live shows and on-demand content over the internet. Watch your favorite programs everywhere, at home, out of town, or anywhere in the USA! With Sling’s range of options, there is sure to be one for everyone, including channel bundles, premium addons DVR Plus much more. It’s easier than ever before – try watching TV without cable today!”

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How To Live Watch Cricket on Sling TV?

The Sling Cricket Package is perfect for all fans of the game. Watch live, in-depth analysis and interviews with players worldwide as they compete to become champions!

With the Sling TV’s Willow Cricket Package, you can watch one of the most exciting and entertaining sports as it happens, so whether a fan from Australia, England, or India, all your favorite countries compete in the international cricket council world cup. It will be right at your fingertips!

Sling TV Cricket
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The channel that focuses on the lighter side with in-depth analysis by interviewing players & coaches offers live coverage during matches, which is perfect for anyone who wants to get involved but does not know much about what’s going on around them when watching TV programming today.  

Watch all your favorite cricket stars at an unbeatable monthly rate! In addition to the International Cricket Council World Cup, you will have access to Willow VIP channels, which include Asian cricket tournaments, domestic competitions from around the world.

Watch T20 World Cup Live On Sling TV

Cricket is undoubtedly the most loved sport amongst all other sports. Sling TV is only available in the US and Puerto Rico at this time. This Dish Network has approximately 3 million subscribers to its video-on-demand platform. Sling’s TV channel offers Willow and Willow Extra.

Sling TV offers a $60 yearly subscription to Willow or Willow Extra. Sling TV’s subscription plan is cheaper than a Willow TV subscription plan. You can enjoy full replays, fast forwards, rewind, and more. Sling offers a 7-day free trial.

Sling Cricket Package Plan

The return of the Indian Premier League (IPL) & the ICC T20 World Cup is finally here! USA residents can enjoy all the live cricket action when it returns. Sling TV, one of the official broadcast partners for all ICC tours and events in the USA & will be streaming everything live via their online service.

Sling TV is perfect for any cricket fan! All cricket action will be streamed on Willow TV & Sling TV. With prices starting at $5 per month and $40 for 6 months, it won’t break your bank account(and they’re constantly giving discounts). Use Promo Code: SLINGER12 to get 30% off on your first subscription.

How to Subscribe To Sling TV Sports Package?

It’s so simple to get a Sling TV subscription at discounted prices.

Sling TV Sports Plan
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Sling TV has recently announced that they will be adding the World Sports package to their streaming service. This new offering includes live sports from around the world, including English Premier League, La Liga, Serie A, and Bundesliga soccer matches! You can choose between two base packages: Sling Orange and Sling Blue — offer 30+ channels for $30 per month or $45 combined with other channels included too.

Sling TV Hindi & Other Packages

Sling TV costs a $30 monthly subscription fee. SonyLIV is included in the monthly subscription, so there is no need for you to buy it separately. This subscription bundle includes all Hindi channels. And it covers entertainment, news, and sports channels. Subscribers can access the package for 7-days-free.  

Click Here To view the Hindi package. The channels that are included in this plan can be found below.

  • SonyLIV
  • Voot
  • Sony HD
  • Aapka colors
  • Zee TV HD
  • & TV
  • Aaj Tak
  • Willow HD
  • Willow Extra
  • Sony Sab
  • Sony Pal
  • India Today
  • Times Now

Sling Bangla Super plan

Sling TV charges $19.99 for the Bangla channels plan. This package offers channels in the Bangla language, as well as channels for entertainment, sports, news, and other niches. You can also get a 7-day trial with this plan, which simultaneously streams up to 3 screens.

  • NTV

How to sign up for Sling TV?

Signup for Sling TV is quite simple. Follow the below instructions to complete the signup Process:-

  • Registration Process- Enter an email address & create a password.
  • Plans- Choose your Subscription package.
  • Payment- Add your billing information for payment options and click on pay.
  • You’re all set! Just sign in with your email address and password on your device and start watching.

NOTE:- Choose the credit card or debit card to get extra cashback, if you don’t know about how to claim your cashback, just Click here:-

What is the Sling TV watch party offer?

Sling TV is the most flexible live TV streaming service. It launched a new feature in beta, “Sling Watch Party,” that lets customers stream their favorite programming together with friends and family in remote locations via video and chat. – A first for the live television industry.

Video & Text Chat: Connect in real-time with other Sling Watch party guests while watching the event via video or text chat.

Audio and Visual Controls: All participants have complete control over their own video cameras, the volume of their personal content streams, and the amount of video chat streams received from other participants.

Streamers control: The Slingers hosting a watch party can manage streamers’ controls, including play, pause, and rewind, on-demand programming for you.

Sling TV Programming: Choose from live or on-demand content available across the Sling Orange, Sling Blue, Sling Latino, Sling International services, or any Sling TV Extras, depending on the subscriber’s current subscription.

Does Sling TV have any app?

Sling TV App is available for both Android & iOS devices, you can download it from Google Play Store and Apple App Store. Watch The ICC T20 World Cup live on Sling TV on your Smart Phones, Tablet, Computer, Smart TVs, etc.

Some Extra Features On Sling TV

Sling TV, one of the most loved streaming services for cord-cutters, is Sling TV. While it has a lot of great channels, there are still some features that can be added to make it even better. Here are a few suggestions to improve Sling TV.

  • A channel guide that recommends channels based on your viewing history.
  • A feature that shows you which programs will soon be available in the next 24hrs.
  • The ability to stream from mobile devices (tablets as well as smartphones) and not just TVs.
  • Autoplay when switching from live tv

● Watch the ICC Cricket matches and tournaments on Willow Extra via Sling TV – featuring English commentary and description of match events, news, and stories

●  Catch-Up TV: Watch games later and on-demand with the FREE Sling TV Catch-Up TV feature.

Few more premium programming.

  • Sling Cricket
  • Sling Hindi
  • Sling Tamil
  • Sling Telugu
  • Sling Bengali
  • Sling Urdu
  • Sling Panjabi
  • Sling Marathi
  • Sling Kannada

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) For Sling TV

1. Can I watch live cricket on Sling TV?

Yes, you can watch live cricket on Willow TV & Sling TV. With prices starting at $5 per month and $40 for 6 months.

2. Does Sling TV have live sports Channels?

SLING has many options to stream live sports channels online. You can stream live sports networks such as ESPN, ESPN2, ESPN3, TBS, and TNT using SLING Orange. Or, you can choose SLING Blue to get more action, including the NFL Network.

3. Is Sling good for sports fans?

Sling’s sports channels are a little slim, so it could be the best option for sports fans because Sling TV has Plenty of sports Channels to watch your favorite game live.

4. Is Sling TV easy to use?

Yes, Sling TV is easy to use, and its features allow you to have a great experience. And it is much more budget-friendly than other live TV streaming services.

5. Is Sling TV available on Roku?

Yes, Sling TV is available on Roku, Smart TVs like- LG smart TVs, Samsung Smart TVs, and Gaming Console Like Xbox One players.

6. How much does Sling TV Cost a month?

Sling TV offers two subscription plans. Sling Orange and Sling Blue. Each plan can be streamed for $35 per month. Combining the two packages will give you access to all 50+ channels on Sling for $45 per month. New customers will be able to get $30 off their first month on the Orange or Blue plan.


Sling TV can be your one-stop shop for cricket streaming. With affordable pricing, flexible cancellation policies, and the ability to watch all of your favorite matches on-demand or live, it’s no wonder that so many people are signing up each day! So what are you waiting for? Sign up today with our special offer – $30 off any package when you sign up now.

In this article, we have covered everything about Sling TV, How you can watch Live Cricket matches like- IPL& Cricket World Cup live in the USA. If you have any issues plz comment below. 

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