How To Win Temu Fishland Game? – (2024)

To win Temu Fishland game, you need to Use the Correct Strategy, Upgrade Equipment, Take Advantage of Bonuses, and collect enough fish food to feed all of your fish and clear them from your tank. When you raise fish, you can get free items.

Temu Fishland is a casual mobile game developed by Temu, an e-commerce platform. In the game, players are responsible for feeding and raising fish in order to clear their tanks and win prizes.

Temu fishland
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In this article, we will cover everything about how to win Temu fishland game. Before starting this article you also read how you can get free $20.

How to play Temu Fishland?

To play Temu Fishland, follow these steps:

  1. Download the Temu app and create an account.
  2. Open the Temu app and tap on “Search.”
  3. Search “Fishland.”
  4. Select the number of fish you want to raise (1, 4, or 6).
  5. Start feeding your fish by tapping on the fish food icon.
  6. Earn more fish food by completing tasks, inviting friends, and logging in daily.
  7. Clear your tank and win prizes when all of your fish are full.

How to win the Temu fishland game?

There are a few things you can do to increase your chances of winning the Temu Fishland game:

  • Feed your fish regularly: The more you feed your fish, the faster they will grow. You can feed your fish up to 5 times per day.
  • Complete daily tasks. Daily tasks will earn you fish food, coins, and other rewards.
  • Invite friends to play: When you to play Fish Land, you will both receive a bonus.
  • Use fish food wisely: Don’t just feed your fish any kind of fish food. Some fish food is more effective than others.
  • Be patient: It takes time to win Fish Land. Don’t get discouraged if you don’t win right away. Just keep feeding your fish, completing daily tasks, and inviting friends to play.
  • Focus on one fish at a time: It’s better to focus on growing one fish to its full size than to try to grow multiple fish at once.
  • Use the right type of fish food: Different fish foods have different effects. For example, some fish food will help your fish grow faster, while other fish food will help them produce more pearls.
  • Use boosts. Boosts can help you grow your fish faster and produce more pearls. You can earn boosts by completing daily tasks or by watching ads.
  • Take advantage of events: Temu frequently hosts events where you can earn bonus rewards for playing Fish Land. Be sure to check out the Temu website and social media pages for the latest events.

How To Get More Fish Food on Temu Fishland Game?

In the Temu fishland game, Fish Food is a crucial resource needed to raise fish. There are a couple of ways through which you can get more enargy or fish food on the fishland game, and some of them are: 

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  • Joining the referral program, 
  • Completing daily tasks and missions,
  • Inviting friends to play fishland games.


Fishland game is an exciting way to play and earn rewards. With the tips described above, you can make playing these games even more rewarding and enjoyable. So, make sure to join the referral program and complete daily tasks to get more fish food in this game.


What are the rewards for playing the Temu Fishland game?

Rewards are given to players for clearing the tank of all fish. Rewards can include Temu coupons, free shipping, and other rewards.

How can I get more fish food in the game?

You can get more fish food in the game by joining the referral program, completing daily tasks and missions, and inviting friends to play Fishland games.

Is the Temu Fishland game free?

Yes, the Temu Fishland game is completely free to play. However, to access additional features such as higher levels or bonus rewards, you may need to purchase items with in-game currency. Additionally, joining the referral program will give access to exclusive offers such as Temu coupons, free shipping, and other rewards.

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